tim danko's first cv!! requires a flash player to view

ciriculum vitae

have a look at our anthology "my soiled sample"

my soiled sample

i chose life so i entered comik rehab...

go to my comik rehab

kimok manifesto from 1927... only works on internet explorer so far...

riot cycle

a little comic book test!! requires a flash player to view

book experiment

laffing skulls... my screenprint for the latest silent army book

laffing skulls

...is the man walking? ...if he is, you have the flash player you need to view other areas of this site!!


donts for husbands

...drawings done while preparing and recovering from an operation...

donts for husbands
psalm book

psalm scroll

scrolling continuous sketchbook drawn on great barrier island

5 minute gulag

...a small book with each drawing done in under five minutes...

5 min gulag